Professional battery re-celling services

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Electric Bike World ( ) have been in the electric bike business for over 11 years since first opening in 2007. We were one of the very first electric bike companies in the UK and are experts and specialists in all aspects of electric bikes and their batteries.

We have set up our battery laboratory to help people with electric bike batteries that are not working. This enables them to keep their electric bikes going long after their batteries have given up.

Please take a look around our specialist battery web site to see how we can help you with the performance of your electric bike. Diminished range, stuttering under load, cutting out temporarily or even not working at all. If your electric bike riding experience is suffering from any of these issues or perhaps your battery is simply dead or no longer taking a charge then you have come to the right place.


We can replace the depleted cells in your original case with high quality Samsung or Panasonic cells. This will give your battery a new lease of life. Trained technicians with many years of experience in electric bike battery assembly will carry out the work.

If you decide to have your battery re-built then it will most likely be better than when it was new. This is because we use only high quality Samsung or Panasonic cells and high quality BMS boards rather than the generic Chinese ones or ‘seconds’ often found in e-bike batteries used by many manufacturers.

When your battery is re-built with all new cells it will be the equivalent of having a new battery but in the original battery case. This ensures it will fit properly on your electric bike. We are extremely confident in the quality of our rebuilt batteries.  All our re-celled batteries come with a full year no quibble warranty for your peace of mind.

Regarding payment this is a secure site and we only take PayPal or direct bank transfer as payment. Therefore no need to set up an account with us or enter any financial details onto our website. If paying by PayPal then during checkout you will be transferred securely to PayPal for transaction completion.

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