E-bike battery types we don’t re-cell

Currently we are unable to take e-bike battery types from Kalkhoff, Yamaha, Transx/Raleigh,GTech,Bosch,Shimano,Haibike,Derby,Kalkhoff or Powabyke batteries.

Powabyke batteries do not have a BMS  in them and this can be dangerous. This is because there is nothing between the mains in and the cells so no central control over charging and discharging.  This is fine with tiny batteries such as a phone battery or a torch battery but bike batteries can pull a serious amount of power and that can cause a problem.

The pictures in the gallery below are the types of batteries that we cannot re-cell. If you are really not sure, please send a picture of your battery to info@ebbr.co.uk . We will reply to you as soon as we can.