Electric Bike Repair Kits

Got a non-working electric bike? Then we have the answer.

Our electric bike repair kit will soon have it flying again.

It’s made to be simple and easy to fit yourself.

With all factory matched components, it’s east to fit, everything is just plug & play, and with all waterproof push fit connections, it takes just an hour to fit.

The only limitations are, the bike must be 36v and have a rear wheel motor with a nine-pin plug. If you’re bike has this then you’re good to go.

Just replace all the old wires with the new ones, connect them all as described in the manual and off you go. Your bike’s performance will be transformed and be like new again.

The repair kit comes with a hand throttle for instant starting so you can get going and ride with no pedaling. It also comes with a high-speed boost button, either of these options can be fitted or not fitted, it’s your choice, but either way your bike will be working better than ever, probably better than when it was new.

It should take about sixty minutes to fit, just follow the easy one step at a time instructions in the manual that comes included with the repair kit.

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