How do I know if my battery needs re-celling?

Any of the following conditions indicate that you have battery problems.

  • Your battery is dead for whatever reason; lack of use, age , water damage etc.
  • The range of your bike is a lot less than it should be.
  • If you attempt to charge it and as soon as you unplug the charger the battery is dead again.
  • The charger light stays on green; a green light indicates that no charge is taking place, but the battery does not enough have power to drive the bike.
    Please note that the battery is only being charged when the charger light is red, if the charger light is green then nothing is happening; you can leave the charger showing a green light for ever and it will make no difference, when a green light is showing on the charger the battery is either full or not accepting a charge.
  • The battery cuts out while riding, especially on hills.
  • The battery appears to finish recharging very quickly.
  • Once turned on the bike goes for a short while then cuts out again.
  • If your battery can only just about move the bike forward.
  • If your battery spins the wheel when the bike is off the ground but cannot spin it when ridden.
  • The LEDs on the battery illuminate and the battery won’t fully drive the bike.
  • Only some of the LEDs on the battery come on and the battery won’t fully drive the bike.
  • If the handlebar display comes on but the bike has little power. This is  because there is enough voltage to illuminate the display, but not enough Ah capacity (amp hours) to run the bike.
  • The battery was OK the last time it was used, but now it keeps cutting out.
  • The battery was OK the last time it was used, but now it won’t take a charge.

If any of these symptoms are occurring, it means your battery cells have deteriorated and the best way forward is to have the battery rebuilt with new cells. This will bring it back to a better condition than it was when it was new.

Please note we do not re-cell the following batteries
Bosch. TransX. Shimano. Haibike. Kalkhoff. All Halfords batteries.

To solve your battery problems and get your battery cells replaced click here. 

Then just enter the Volts and Ah of your battery, and click to proceed, and we do the rest. We will arrange to collect your battery, re-cell it back as new, and deliver it back to you. It usually takes about three weeks.