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We can supply a replacement charger for your electric bike if yours has stopped working, or if is lost or you just need a spare battery charger.

You could leave one at home and the other one at work. So you can re-charge your bike during the day, and at your companies expense, I’m sure they won’t mind, and then you will always have a fresh fully charged battery for your ride home each evening.

Simply select the voltage; 24v,36v or 48v and choose the type of plug that will fit your battery.
Most new batteries are fitted with XLR or barrel type plugs, however older batteries may have 3pin inline plugs or RCA aerial type plugs. We can supply all plug types, simply choose the fitting and the voltage you require from the drop down menus and add to your basket. The picture is just an indication of the charger style. The actual charger may vary in style.

Using the correct charger is important to protect the life of your battery cells.

The outside of the new charger case may look slightly different to your original charger, but that’s not important because designs change offer a period of time. As long as the voltage is the same and the plug is correct then your good to go, and we keep a stock of these chargers here in the UK for immediate dispatch and fast delivery.

When charging your battery, a red light will show on the battery charger, when the battery is fully recharged the red light will change to green and the charger will turn itself off. The longer the re-changing takes the better. At least a few hours, if you have a high capacity battery of 15Ah or more charging from flat should take about three hours or more.

If you occasionally charge your battery when it’s not completely flat, that is ok, and in this case, it won’t take so long to recharge, but every so often run the battery down before re-charging it. If your battery charges from flat very quickly it means that the cells are not taking a full charge so the bikes range will be severely reduced.

If this is the case, we have a specialist battery re-celling service to bring your battery back as good as new, go to the re-celling page on this site to find out more.

If you’re not sure if your charger is ok, use a battery testing meter to measure the output, battery meters are easily available and are quite cheap in most DIY shops. Just a basic one will be fine.

Plug the battery charger into the mains and check the output with the tester. For a 24volt charger the output should be 29v for a 36volt charger the output should be 42 volts and for a 48volt charger it should be 52Volts.

This is because you never get out what you put in, I guess that’s life and its certainty true in this case, and if it turns out that you need a charger we can supply the appropriate electric bike battery charger for you, with the correct plug and our chargers will take care of your expensive and valuable battery.

Always remember that the best way of looking after your battery is use it hard and use it regularly, it’s not using it that will shorten its life.

Think of your car, you drive it every day without thinking about the battery, but leave it parked and unused for many months and you know it won’t start and you will probably need to replace the battery. All batteries are like this. So use your bike regularly and re-charge it often and your bike’s battery will last a long time. It will also be better for your bike, because like any mechanical item, lack of use may cause it to seize up.

So ride your bike regularly, which is good for you, good for the bike and good for the bike’s battery.


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