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If you have an electric bike that’s not working, you can now fix it easily with our new “plug and play” factory matched component kit.

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If you have an electric bike that’s not working, you can now fix it easily with our new “plug and play” factory matched component kit.

The kit will fit on LifeCycle bikes, Freego bikes, Juicy bikes, Batribikes, Kudos Bikes, Wisper Bikes, A2B Bikes, Fast Forward Bikes, Prorider Bikes, E-life Bikes, Green edge bikes, Viking Bikes, and all other similar electric bikes with either a back wheel hub drive.

This kit contains everything you need to get these types of e-bikes going again, and probably better than when they were new.

Provided that the bike is 36volts, has a rear hub drive motor and the cable coming from the motor has a round 9 pin connector, with this kit you can repair any of these e-bikes, easily, quickly and with no stress.

Our simple remedy for these bikes is to replace all the old cabling, PAS, Controller and handlebar parts for this latest 2019 “plug and play waterproof” system.

The kit is a complete front end electric set, with all factory matched components. It has easy to fit “plug and play” waterproof connectors. and includes the latest integrated Controller, LCD display, throttle, easy fit PAS, boost/de-restrict switch, brake cut out connectors, with all colour coded handlebar connectors, so it’s straight forward and easy to fit.

No more struggling with old controllers and loads of thin wires with tiny connectors, trying to match everything together, and trying to figure which part is not working. And no more having to remove the bottom bracket to change the old PAS. (Pedal assist sensor and disc)

With this kit you just remove all the old electrical parts and cables from the bike, apart from the old PAS, and replace them with these new “plug in” parts, and that’s it, that’s all there is to it, and you can leave the old PAS in place, with this kit you don’t need it, just tuck the old PAS wires away and leave it there.

Our new PAS is easy fit, just remove the left hand pedal arm, push on the PAS and put the arm back. It does not require the removal of the bottom bracket which can be difficult .

A big advantage with this kit is that it’s universal, so it will fit nearly all 36v hub drive e-bikes.

You can even repair the e-bikes bought on the internet

The only limitations are: The motor must be a rear hub motor, 36volts and 250watts with a nine pin connector. (90% of these types of electric bikes have a nine pin connector)

The E-BIKE Kit Comprises

Installation Manual, 15Amp Controller, Main loom from handlebars to controller, LCD handlebar Display ,Throttle De-restrict/Boost Switch, Easy Fit PAS

For more information, or to purchase one or more of these kits, click here, or call us on 02380 236 540 and press option 1.

The kits are dispatched from our UK warehouse, please allow three working days

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