Choose your battery and other accessories

To use our battery repair service simply use the battery selector below to select and add to the basket the battery configuration that closely matches the voltage and Ampage of your battery. If your battery does not state the voltage the motor may have the voltage written on it. If not, refer to our guide on determining battery voltage or Ah.
These battery pictures are just for illustration purposes. The shape of your battery does not matter at this stage provided it has similar casings to one of the pictures on the Battery types we re-cell page.

We will re-cell your battery using your original case. That way you can be sure it will fit properly on your bike and the terminals will line up.

Be sure to select a battery voltage and Ah that matches as near as possible to your existing battery. If you choose and pay for a higher voltage or Ah battery, we will not be able to increase the voltage or Ah and so you may pay more than you need to. If you choose and pay for a battery that has less voltage and Ah than your original battery, then your bike may be slower and have less range.

You can no longer send a battery by Royal Mail and many courier companies now also refuse to transport batteries.
Our battery repair service includes the costs of a specialist courier to collect and return your battery to you. There is no extra charge to transport the battery. Please be sure to send your charger along with the battery so after the rebuild we can test the new battery with your charger.

The prices

The cost of Lithium has risen considerably in the last few years. This is mainly driven by demand from car companies rushing to buy lithium for electric cars. That is making all batteries more expensive.

But there is a way to keep the costs down.

If you have an old battery that needs re-celling, but don’t need it to last for so many miles. In this case we can re-cell it with fewer cells and therefore at a lower Ah which will cost quite a lot less but still might be perfectly ok for you.

For example, you might not need to travel more than say 20 miles. In which case so you don’t need such a high capacity battery, you might not need an 18Ah or 15Ah battery, a 10Ah battery may be fine for you, and that will be a lot less expensive.

So even though your original battery might have been 18Ah or 15Ah or even 12Ah we can re-cell it to a lower spec, for example 10Ah, and this will be much cheaper while still being perfectly adequate for your needs.

A 10Ah re-celled battery will give you about 25 miles.

Reducing the battery to 10Ah but at the same voltage will also make the bike lighter. Take a look at the prices.

If this is something that you would like to do, just go ahead and order a battery with your existing voltage. That’s important, but order one with a lower Ah and put a note in with the battery to that effect. Then we will know that you have chosen this lower Ah deliberately. So go ahead and click the battery image and you will then be able to select the battery voltage and Ah.