What we do

Battery re-celling

We are a specialist battery re-celling service for electric bike batteries and we have been in the electric bike business for over 11 years. If your bike battery has come to the end of its life we can rebuild it back to as good as new by replacing the old battery cells within your original battery case with high quality new ones supplied by Samsung or Panasonic; that way you can be sure it will fit on your bike and all the terminals will line up and connect securely.

However, we can only help you if you have your old battery to re-build, as we are not a new battery seller and do not stock batteries or battery cases, so without your original battery we won’t be able to help you.

To take advantage of our service just follow the instructions on this site starting with the Start here tab and send us your old battery or battery case, and we will do the rest.

Please note:

  • We don’t stock or sell batteries.
  • We don’t supply just battery cells.
  • We don’t supply just the BMS boards.
  • We don’t fit just the BMS boards.
  • We don’t supply battery cases or battery case parts.

Most batteries can be re-celled by us, please see our gallery page for more info.

Our technicians specialise in the re-building of the following batteries.

  • LifeCycle
  • Freego
  • Axcess
  • Juicy
  • Batteribike
  • Kudos
  • A2B
  • Green Edge
  • AS
  • IZIP
  • Powacycle
  • Powabyke
  • EBCO
  • E-Life
  • B’Spoke

If your bike brand is not listed here, but your battery looks the same or similar to those in our gallery we will be able to re-cell your battery.

If you are not sure, then please send us a few pictures of your battery to info@ebbr.co.uk and we will let you know as soon as possible if we can re-cell it for you.

Some of the above batteries will have Chinese cells and BMS boards. We will remove all Chinese cells and replace them with top quality Samsung cells. This results in a much better quality battery.

Our DIY Electric bike repair kit

Quick and easy and to fit, it this kit will make your electric bike faster and livelier than it was before, it will make your bike feel like new again.

In just an hour or less, you can bring your non-working bike back to life and out on the road again, going better than ever

As long as your bike has a back-wheel drive with a nine-pin connector, and is 36volts this electric bike repair kit will do the job.

It comes with a twist and go throttle and a de-restrict extra power switch which you can fit or not as you wish.

The LCD display offers five levels of power/speed to choose from, and the latest PAS is just a push on arrangement. So, no need to remove the crank to fit it.

The cables are colour coded and everything is an easy plug and play push fit.

The integrated controller has just four push connections, and the included manual gives simple and straight forward instructions in clear English.

It should take about an hour to complete the installation, and then your bike will be up to the latest 2020 standard and it will go like the wind.

Click here to see the kit

Our FAQ page has some useful information.